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Printed Photo Organizing 

Are you overwhelmed with a lifetime of printed photos, slides, home movies, and memorabilia?  We can teach you how to gather, sort, organize, digitize, backup, and, best of all, creative ways to relive and enjoy your family photo collection.  


First we build a Foundation

We have prep work to do before you jump in.  We'll work with you to create a plan that includes an inventory of your collection, a family timeline, a list of supplies you need, and a project plan assuring you will get this job done. 


Collecting/Sorting /Archive

We share easy-to-follow strategies for sorting, culling, cataloging, and archiving your printed photos and memorabilia.  Along with the ways to archive and store your physical collection. 


Scanning /Digitizing

Now that they are sorted and organized, we'll discuss the pros and cons of digitizing yourself vs. using a service along with

 Back up your newly digitized images to preserve and maintain all the work done.  

Family Photo Album


Photo Restoration - Retouching and Enhancements

  • Repair torn or damaged photographs.

  • Restore color to faded images.

  • Retouch or enhance your favorite photos 

Whether you're preserving family history or want to polish up a favorite photo, can turn your print, 35 mm negative, or digital file into a priceless heirloom quality print. 

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